Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 49, Saddle

I'm looking at more comfortable bike saddles.... I love everything else about my bike, but the seat hurts my tooshie.  I'm sure part of it is that I'm not used to riding a bike outside, with all the bumps and jostling. The sidewalk is a killer!  It's also a men's bike with a men's seat, and I am not a man. ;)  My "sit bones" are not the same as a man's, especially after having kids.

Since my bike doesn't have the suspension of the comfort bikes either, I've been checking out sprung saddles for a little built-in suspension. The Brooks seem popular but they're a tad expensive. Google also brings up info on Velo, as well as a few that appear only sold in the UK. 

Did another short 2 mile ride with one of the munchkins. Its a touch warmer than yesterday, but still windy and overcast. I was pretty cold by the time we got back. I can't wait until nicer weather!!

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  1. Three things before replacing your saddle:

    ***1)Purchase padded bike shorts (and wear them commando)
    2)After you get bike shorts: Bike for at least 6-10x on your current saddle for 20 minutes minimum to condition your sit bones and to work on breaking in the saddle.
    3)Mess with the forward/backward and sit of the saddle. Small changes can make big differences. But if its just your sit bones that hurt and not the soft bits, you probably just need to ride more and break yourself in.

    All saddles hurt when you aren't used to ridding. If I take a couple months off, the first 2-4 rides always make my bum sore.

    You don't want springs, that will just waste energy and make you tire faster and bike slower. You can consider a Gel cover for your current one, or if you get a new one, a seat with gel built in. Brands that have worked for me include Terry (butterfly or liberator) and Selle Italia. I do have a body geometry on my mountain that works great on it, but was horrible on my road.

    Sometimes the LBS will swap out your saddle for you or let you try some used ones. Good luck!!