Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hello 2015!! (Better late than never?)

The past year has been crazy, and even just the last couple months have been indescribable. 

Right after my last post in July my father passed away. It was both sudden and unexpected.... He had lived with a traumatic brain injury for over a decade,  and we knew he'd slowly decline. But then it happened so fast! One day he's tired; the next he can't get out of bed. Two days in the ICU showed complete organ failure, and after 24 hours in hospice he comfortably passed into the next world with his family surrounding him. (And his grandkids playing on their iPads in the background.) 

Suddenly my ITU DSQ was the last thing on my mind. Triathlon was way off my mind. I didn't get to a group swim for two weeks, and I cried during at least half of it. 

My sister had her HIM not long after, and I know he was watching over her race. That was the first race he'd even been able to see one of us race! There were a lot of tears. 

I had two more triathlons after and I tried to "run them for him" but my heart was no longer in Triathlon.  For some reason, I find no joy in my swimming, biking, or running. 

We also finally moved!!!