Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 29, Swim lessons, Check!

I did it! I registered for private swimming lessons! I have 5 lessons set up starting April 21. I can swim, just not well. I tend to use the breast stroke and back stroke, and I'd like to work on freestyle (front stroke). I also would like to improve my form so I can swim faster with less effort.

If the 5 weeks of lessons go well, my sister is talking me into joining a Master Swim group a few towns over, which would give me the opportunity to practice a few hours a week with a coach and team. The next session there starts after Memorial Day, and goes until the end of July.

In other news, I did another 2.2 miles today on treadmill. I ran the first mile at 6 mph (10 minutes mile), got a stitch in my right side which took almost 0.7 miles to walk out (3.8-4.0 mph), and then finished running the last 0.5 miles at 6 mph. Just under 26 minutes.

My knee is still sore, and was pretty painful after my run. After talking to a few runner friends and consulting Dr Google, it seems like I've just been over-training and need to take a longer break from running until it heals.

Its ironic.... last year I didn't want to work out, and now that I have to take a few days off I don't want to. :)

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