Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wetsuit Test Flop

The Lake was a nice 63°, with 4-6 foot waves and rip current warnings.

My sister was hungover from $1 drink specials, and there was no way I'd consider swimming alone. :(

Attempt #2 scheduled for the coming weekend.

Otherwise I may order the smaller size and see which one fits bests....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle...

Training for three 5k's and a triathlon... Got to get my patootie moving. :-)

Continuing with the "run slow to run fast" motto, today I did an hour of upper body weight lifting followed by a 1.9 mile run. Same slow 11:30 pace. My distance right now is two laps and not dieing. My goal before there's too much snow to run outdoors is 3 not-dieing laps. My spring goal is 4 laps 3.8 miles). Ideally, I'd love to run my bike lap course of 2.4 miles twice *comfortably* by next August. I won't need to run that far in the triathlon but it will help my endurance, and I'm training for endurance this year.

Endurance first. Speed second.

Which reminds me that I need a new bike course. I do about 7.3 miles in 3 laps, and it's boring going around and around and around the same circle. Especially since my August goal is 15-20 miles... That would be a LOT of laps!!

To do list: Find a local paved bike path at least 10 miles long. :)

Goal 2: Start running the longer Bike route (2.4 miles) for a challenging change of scenery.

Run slow to run fast.....
Only 330 days until the Super Sprint!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My new super blue Catsuit!

Has arrived! The fit is not quiet perfect, but it will definitely do nicely for the next 2-4 triathlons on the docket, and weekly summer swimming practices. I love the ankle zippers and the colors! It feels very sturdy too, like the Desoto I rented.

Still having sizing issues though. The first time I put in on these was extra fabric/air pockets at the crotch, chest, and under arms. I was afraid to really PULL and risk ripping it.

So after doing laundry, I tried it back on, this time using the plastic bag trick for my feet and hands. Much better! Once I got the legs pulled up to where they are supposed to go, the torso was higher up, getting rid if the underarm pockets, and the chest fit better. I'm sure it could be tighter, and only a few practice swims can check that.

Planning a swim Sunday morning. Water is a balmy 65°. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ZooRunRun 3k

One of my munchkins and I "ran" a 3k at the zoo today! It was a lot of fun, super chilly, and a bit crowded. The "run" part was a little disappointing though. The 3k run/walk participants got stuck behind the 5k walking group, so we had to wait a bit to get out of the crowd.

Munchkin did great! He needs to learn how to jog though. It went like this: sprint full speed ahead while Mom jogs, run out of breath, stop, Mom catches up, walk for a little while, repeat. But we did 2.3 miles in 40 minutes, and he was such a trooper!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Go slow to go fast"

I recently asked Meredith of Swim Bike Mom for some tips on building my cardiovascular endurance. This is part if her reply:
"You want to work on building your aerobic "base" - meaning that you want to train in a low heart rate Zone to build your endurance. That may mean going very SLOW... but once you build your endurance you can go faster... Coach M says "go slow to go fast."

So today I tried it. Rather then my usual 'set the treadmill at 10 min/mile and go' approach, which often ends with me slowing to a walk after a mile, gasping for breath, I decided to go outside.

It's a gorgeous 60 degree day and all three kids were in school. There's an apartment complex a short walk away with sidewalks circling it. I stashed my water bottle by a tree, started up my MapMyRUN app, and off I went.

My mantra was Go Slow, Go Slow. First lap was 0.93 mile in 10:45. I stopped briefly to drink my water and stretch. [I also quickly texted my sister to tell her I ran 0.93 mile and DIDN'T feel like I was going to die.]

The second lap was actually EASIER. I had my SLOW pace going, easy peasey. Finished 1.88 miles in 21:48 at a calm 11:34 min/mile. I was a little out of breath, hot, and sweaty when I finished, but I didn't feel bad.

I felt good!

Day 1 of training done. 339 days to go. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mild Setback

As of today there are 340 days left until my next Chicago Triathlon. I had planned to start training again, but suffered a minor setback.

Last wednesday my youngest munchkin (2 years old) accidentally tossed a metal Thomas the Train at my head, slicing my right eyebrow open. Eh. No biggy. I had a plastic surgeon I know clean it and tape it closed with steri-strips.

That's when the fun started.

I went about my life with my two steri-strips. Gym. Work. Etc. The bruising was lovely, like fuchsia and purple eyeshadow from the 1980's.

Saturday morning I woke up with more swelling on my eyelid. Figured I slept on that side and all the fluid rushed to my eye. (Hey, I get puffy under my eyes most mornings.)

We drove to my brother's house for a local Wine Fest and family bonding.

Sunday morning I could barely open my eye.

We drove home, took one munchkin to tennis, and then I went to the ER. Four hours, two blood draws, and IV antibiotics later... I have cellulitis of the eyelid. Aka ,an infection.

On top of that, I can now add steri-strips to my list of allergies. For the rest of my life, "adhesive" is now listed as an allergy in my medical records.

Now I'm pumping myself full of antibiotics, antihistamines, and hanging out at home. The swelling is getting better but I still have the red cellulitis rash all over my eye area. AND the skin is pealing.

It's lovely... feels like the worst sunburn ever on top of a mass of spider bites.

Called in sick to work. Canceled the gym. Even skipped preschool yesterday.

So training will get put off another few days. I'll still have 335+ left. I am still doing the Zoo Fun Run on Sunday with a munchkin! Our race packets came in the mail and we're ready to go!

PS!!!!! My new wetsuit shipped and should arrive Monday! Yay!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Wetsuit Saga

My wetsuit came on Friday. I pulled it out of the box, and the first thing I saw was three circular indents right in the front. A closer examination showed the middle indent cut right through the wetsuit. :( I just about cried! Minor marks are one thing, but a hole right through the suit was another story.

Fortunately, the seller is willing to refund my money. He said it was in perfect condition when he took it to UPS, so either it was damaged during packing and shipping, or he was trying to full a fast one. Either way I'll be refunded.

Which still left me without a wetsuit, and October in Chicago will not be kind for open water swimming.

So I bit the bullet and ordered a new suit. :D ProMotion PowerGlide full sleeve suit. In blue and black. (Pink was out of stock in my size.) It was a little more than I planned to spend, but it's the only brand I've found with tall women's sizes. Plus, I have a hard time getting in and out, and this brand has calf/ankle zippers! :D

I can't wait to try it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A little bit crazy

Unless something strange happens, I am now the proud owner of a wetsuit! Wow. I thought my sister was crazy when she bought hers last winter, and now I'm crazy too. Lol

It was a "fun" day of online shopping. I mean that very sarcastically. As I mentioned previously, I was watching a NWT wetsuit on eBay. After hours of internal debate, I decided to bid. I was very nervous about buying a size (men med long) I had never tried on. However, it was starting at $95, which is super cheap. I was the highest bidder until about 30 seconds before it ended. :(

I decided to go with Plan B... Order a Xterra Vortex on sale for $170, with a 30 day return policy. Pretty risk free. The challenge was the sizing. They have this nifty Size Calculator. When I enter female, 5'11"+, and 155 lbs, it says Men Medium. When I enter male, 6'1/2", and 155 lbs, it says Men Small Long. The PDF size chart also placed me in the Men Sm Long. I decided to speak to someone directly via Live Help.

The first person, "Lee", was no help at all. Lee said the length of the Sm Long and Med were the same, and the only difference between sizes was "how well I want to breath." Really?! Somehow "Casey" took over and was able to look up additional measurements, like bust, waist, and hips. He/She said my best fit would be a Men's Medium Tall.

Which has been discontinued and they're out.

Which was the size I lost on eBay.

Imagine my glee when another Medium Long was listed later today! Used twice (boo) but supposedly in perfect condition. For $100 'buy it now.' I asked the seller some questions, and now it's MINE!

Can't wait to see it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things I Never Thought I'd Say...

First would have to be "Let's do a triathlon!"

Oops, guess I can take that one off the list.

Second would be yelling at my boys regarding little boy parts in public.

But on the short list there would also be "Hey, wetsuits are on sale! I should buy one!"

Yup, I've been bitten by the "I need to train in my own wetsuit" bug. Upside: end of season sales, like 60% off. Downside: buying online means obsessing over size charts. And they ALL vary.

I've worn Orca women's XL, and unisex DeSoto 4 separates (my fav but too expensive for a newbie). The best price I've seen so far is Xterra at $170 (what I'd spend on two rentals). Or eBay. Got my eye on one there too.

But the size charts.... seriously? Yes, I have boobs. I'm also 6' and a smidge. The women's suits go to 5'11". At my height and weight, the "recommended sizes" vary from woman's medium to XL to men's medium. Depending on brand. Oy vay. :)

I'll keep you posted on what I end up with. As soon as it's here my sister and I are sneaking into Ohio St beach for a quick test swim.