Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 38, Summer planning

First, no, I didn't get to the gym to bike like I planned. It was more of a "I'm frickin' exhausted from a crazy night at work" and "I still have a cold" day.

Yes, I realize they are excuses and I could have dragged my sorry butt to the gym if I reeeaaallly wanted.

Does chasing a two year old for 10 hours count? ;)

Anyhoooo, SUMMER PLANNING! You already know my summer plans. I've got little tickers counting down the days on the right side --->
Today was planning for the kiddos. I have one who is into science and sports, one who likes video games and goofing off, and the littlest munchkin, who is still content with water, dirt, and being outside. As of tonight we are officially signed up for two weeks of Gifted classes, and planning to sign up for Circus Camp, tennis camp, and vacation bible school. It's a little overwhelming! Of 10.5 weeks of summer vacation, I have 6-7 weeks already planned already. Ouch.

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm going back to school this summer for Spanish classes.....

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