Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicago Lifetime Triathlon 2013

Official time 2:15:09! I beat my little sister's time, and came in under all my "worst case" times, even in the swimming portion!

I decided to swim boat to boat, and while it was slow, I wasn't panicky or scared, since I knew I could swim boat to boat. I felt so proud when I got out of the water, even with two events left to go.

The bike was so enjoyable. I didn't race to kick butt; I raced to enjoy the skyline, the waterfront, the perfect weather, and to save my legs for part 3. It's here that I realized I was having a great time! I truly enjoyed this portion-- up the coast and back-- much more than the super sprint's "round and round in circles". 

The run was barely that. Lol. I had my GPS running app on my phone, my bottle full of Zym, and I took off at a speed walk. Super speed walk. I only ran at the photo spot halfway through, and then the last 1/4 mile or so, when all the people where cheering me on. I finished with a 12:30 pace, and I finished feeling strong and good! 

I flew through the finish area and ran back over to the start line, just in time to see my little sister start her Olympic distance triathlon. 

Looking forward to next year!
~Crazy eyes~
~Pause for a picture~
~2 medals in 2 days~

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