Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 35, Back in the Saddle

After two days away from the gym, it was time to get back to training.

It was such a nice day that I decided to run outside. I estimated a route about 2 miles and set out with the MapMyRun app. I ended up doing 1.9 miles in 22:18 according to the app.

The first half was nice although I became winded much faster than I usually do. The second half ended up being against strong wind! I couldn't believe how hard it was to run against the wind.

This is a screen shot of the breakdown of my run. The first mile I averaged an 11 min/mile pace, while the second 0.9 miles was a 12.45 min/mile pace. LOL! See how much more difficult it was running AGAINST the wind?! (edited to add that a quick check at the Weather Channel told me we're having winds in the 25-35 mph range, with gusts up to 45 mph)

I will say though that I'm not 100% convinced with the speed accuracy. If you look where the speed (blue line) dips low, when I highlight it on the program it gives me numbers like 350 to 1000 min/mile, and I'm pretty sure I didn't walk that slow!

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