Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 41, Swimming lesson #1

I woke up this morning so stiff and sore from yesterday that I could barely walk. Fun.
I was a little nervous for my first lesson today. I had no idea who was going to be the instructor, and I was picturing a teenager who wouldn't be able to help much. They mostly teach kids who don't know how to swim. I know how to swim, I just need to learn how to do it better.

Yeeaaahhhh. The instructor WAS a skinny teenage boy. And yeah, he was expecting a kid. The expression on his face when they called my name and I stepped forward was priceless. And a little embarrassing. Couldn't they have put a little note by my name "ADULT"?

So I explained the purpose of my swimming lessons: survive a 0.25 mile swim in Lake Michigan for a triathlon. He asked where I have been swimming. Um, no where yet. [blush]

First we practiced kicking. Kicking wasn't too bad, it just needed to be a little smaller, more controlled, less knee bend. Then we did freestyle. I warned him that it was my worst stroke and it was going to be funny. Yuppers, he tried really hard not to laugh. I know the steps, but doing them is much harder then it looks. I really need to work on the breathing, because I only can make it 1/2 a lap before I feel like I'm not getting enough air. We worked on it for quite a while, and I need to back and practice.

Then we did the breaststroke, which he said was my strongest stroke, and the backstroke, which I also did decently (only needed to adjust my hands).  

The lesson ended with doing two laps any stroke I wanted. I started with the freestyle for practice, and ended alternating with the breaststroke and backstroke.

I raise a glass to all the swimmers out there! I was more out of breath after two laps than I am after a 6 mile bike!

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