Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012: Mud Wars Chicago

This is my second 5K Mud Run, and it was lacking. My team had a great time! We matched, we helped each other out, we goofed off, and we drank A LOT of post race beer.

The Mud Wars course, etc, was a huge let down, especially after the amazing Dirty Girl Mud Run. According to another runner who had something (GPS, pedometer, etc), the race was NOT 5K, but closer to 2.5k. We kinda figured that out on our own as the finish line came up MUCH faster then we expected. There was no water. Yes, you heard me. NO WATER was offered before or during the run. After the run you could buy a bottle for $2. Ouch. I didn't see any paramedics on site, so its a good thing it was a cool day or people would have been dropping like flies. We got there early and only waited about 5 minutes to sign in, but I heard there was a 2+ hour line later. And finally, there were only a handful of obstacles. I ended up skipping the last mud pit, and I'm glad. My team was fine, but there was GLASS somewhere in it that cut quite a few participants.

Due to the poor course, both Living Social and Groupon gave full refunds. We all got our money back.

Which is good since we spent a ton on beer.

That was the best part, and we had a GREAT post-race. We swam fully clothed in Lake Michigan to clean off. Dried off in the sun. Hung out with old friends, made new friends, and drank more beer.

Hours after, we changed and walked 5k to Navy Pier for snacks and more drinks, before ending the day BBQ'ing on a rooftop with a fantastic view of Chicago.

I'd say "We won't do Mud Wars again" but I'm pretty sure this was the first and last Mud Wars Chicago. My sister and I are already signed up for Dirty Girl 2013!

Sister and I, clean pre-race
In our custom-made-by-me Mud, Sweat, & Tears team t-shirts
Our team mid race

Sister and I, post race (those are her husband's dirty hand prints)
That's me, tall lime to the left, finishing!