Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 23, Recovering

I usually run on Tuesdays and take Wednesdays off, but since I was so sore yesterday I decided to take today off to give my legs a rest. Well, as much rest as possible with working 9 hours this evening...

A friend of mine on Facebook suggested an article about running and training, which turned out very informative. A Fundamental Foundation. I really liked, "As a general guideline, most runners can handle an increase in mileage of 10 to 15 percent every two to three weeks." Since I'm comfortably running about 2 miles, I'm going to aim to increase my distance by 10-15% every 2 weeks and not focus on my times yet.

My lovely sister also told me about "bricks", which I'll eventually need to start doing too. Basically, its running after biking, and so named because your legs feel like bricks. LOL! Fun fun fun.

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