Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 26, Playtime

Today was Date Day with the older munchkins while littlest stayed home with Daddy. We went to Pump It Up, which is a bunch of inflated bounce houses, obstacle courses, climbing towers, rock climbing walls, etc. They encourage the parents to play with their kids (unlike Monkey Joe's, which doesn't allow adults on the play centers).

I spent two fun-filled hours bouncing, climbing, sliding, and yes, getting some exercise! My favorite was this tower that was divided into levels with crisscrossed elastic bands. You had to climb up and through each level to reach the top, and then take a huge slide down. Munchkin #2 and I must have climbed it at least a half dozen times!

Here are two pictures, one of the tower, and the other of the view down from the top level:

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