Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 31, a Month!

It's been a whole month since I decided to train for the Super Sprint Tri and 5k. And I'm still training! This is a huge accomplishment for me! The last time I tried to make a workout/fitness goal, I only lasted two weeks. :)

Today was swimming suit shopping/"trying them on for size" day. First I went online and checked sizing charts, took my measurements, and determined a size "40" should fit well.

I then went to my local sporting goods store. I tried on six different styles from Speedo, Nike, and one I can't remember. I tried on sizes 38-40.

It was hilarious. First, those competitive swimsuits have no support. No shelf bra, nothing to hide headlights, nada. Second, I just can't fit into them... They're sized by torso length, but the width goes up too. The largest size they had was 40, and the length was still too tight, while the rest of it was baggy. Third... my favorite part... since the suit was being pulled up so much, my scar from December was clearly visible. I can wear a tiny low-cut bikini and not see it, but a modest 1-piece showed it off. Ironic. I'm sure it'll be fine in a properly fitting suit, but I was like, "seriously?!"

I still have one from Athleta coming in the mail. Otherwise I'll be the swimmer competing in a tankini. :)

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