Saturday, May 11, 2013

Race to Wrigley 5k

6 am on Saturdays are becoming too familiar. ;) Actually, I was up at 5:30 so I could decide between multiple outfits, make coffee, and have some toast before my sister and BIL picked me up at 6:20.

It was an overcast cold 50° when we got to Chicago, and it didn't warm up. I'm glad I had knee-high socks with my capris, but by the end my thin pullover was wayyyy too hot over my T-shirt. Around mile 2 I pulled off to the side to take it off, since my earphones where woven down the arm. Worst decision. Those 30 seconds cost me 1) my sub 33 goal, and 2) a PR.

My official time was 33:09.

Yes, a minute and a half less than my last 5k, but still not where I want to be by August.

Also, I still need to work on my pre-race hydration. Buy mile 3 I was dieing.

Next two 5ks in June are muddy obstacle courses, which are so much fun!

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