Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

I've been lazy and gym-less for some time now. First it was the "post tri" recovery/blues. Then it was "I'm not training for anything right now." Then I put my uber gym on hold, saving me $125 a month! 

I finally went back. A new gym. Close by but small. Different stuff, which is kind of nice after seeing the same equipment for nearly a year. Plus, due to a 3 month membership deal I'm only paying $99. Total. Way less that a month at my uber gym.  It's only for the next three months - then I'll be back over to LT.

First visit, I hopped on the first bike I saw and did 30 minutes, while people watching. In general, I'm 10-20 years younger than most clients working out. 
Honestly, since I'm there on weekend mid mornings, I'm probably one if the few that are under 60.

I actually like it. There's no hot bodybuilder to complete against. No one looking and thinking "what's she doing here?" In fact, the first visit on the locker room someone quietly complimented me and asked about my shirt. 

The HUGE downside is child care. This one costs $7 per child per visit. Taking Kellan a few times a week adds up; having all the kids and paying $21 for one workout, just isn't worth it. I only pay $30/ month for all three kids at LT! Figure in the summer we'll switch back.... Going 5 days a week, I could pay $30 a month at my ├╝ber gym, or pay $330 at the new place just for child care!  

As for my training, I have written it all out. I have a 12 week plan in gym #1 focusing on running, biking, and overall fitness with a few swims. Then I have a 13 week plan at the new gym, focussing more on my swimming. 

First triathlon is June 8, 2014. It's an hour drive but I think I'm going to just deal with the drive that spend $200 on hotel. The morning coffee will wake me up, and I'll sleep better in my own bed.

I wrote myself a reminder to get to the gym tomorrow....