Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 47, BIKE DAY!

I have a bike!!!!! I am now the proud owner of a Specialized Sirrus Sport! It was a 2011, so I got nearly $200 off. :) It only took 5 weeks, hours of research, many many test rides, and random luck.

I was planning on getting the Trek 7100. It's comfortable and pretty. And $485. I also can't fit aerobars on it. :/ So I retested some bikes, and thought the Giant Escape 2 would work, and I liked the $389 price tag.

But, being the super crazy indecisive person I am, I wanted to re-retest them. I was a bit embarrassed to go back to the local nine shop AGAIN so I googled bike shops in a neighboring town. A quick stop turned into three more test drives and a 2011 model sale!

I'll probably get a more padded "comfort" seat for longer rides, but that's an easy fit. Everything else is great! Yay!!

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