Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 45, Laps

I'm not a "group sports" person. I like to do my own thing without having to socialize. Running, biking, even weight-lifting are pretty much solo sports. Put in earphones and go. No interaction required.

You'd think that swimming laps back and forth is also a solo sport. Nope! Swimming is actually a social sport. You need to talk to the person or persons that you're sharing a lane with. You have to look out for them and the people in neighboring lanes. There are no headphones, iPods, or TVs.

There's actually multiple websites all about swimming etiquette! And the park district pool I was at tonight broke most of them. I won't go into details in this post, but I'm seriously considering a short-term membership at a gym with pool and childcare.

Tonight I did 7 laps, which is about the distance in the race. :D 95% was breaststroke. I tried freestyle but I was too self-conscience. At this early stage I think building endurance is more important.

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  1. Swimming is 80% technique and 20% endurance.
    Make sure your "coach" is giving you homeowrk. But that being said, being comfortable in the water is top of the heap. Find a gym with a pool or the place that has that masters swim club you may join later. Lap swimming is NOT social and yes, many people use underwater iPods. Top 2 swimming ettiquete things to know is when someone touches your ankles/feet they plan to pass you on your left, and always ask if you can join a lane before jumping in (so you KNOW they saw you and you don't get swum over). Most swimmers swim circles rather than split the lane, but if you are really slow and self concious you can ask to split the lane. Most lap swimmers are very very nice up front if you communicate, then go back to their workout and leave you alone.

    Of course, never wear an iPod when cycling outdoors. Spinning (biking in gym) is different. :) Oh have you tried the ellipticals yet? Easy on your knees, great on your gluts, quads and hammies. I'm so proud of you, doing all these "new as an adult" things!