Thursday, August 8, 2013

BTN Big 10k (5k)

It was my best run ever! The weather was perfect. My nutrition was great. I was surrounded by approximately 15,000 of my closest friends. There was just so much positive energy in the air!

First, I'd planned to take the train to the city, and then a cab to the race. Race planners predicted the parking garage would be full by 5:45, and additional parking was over a mile away. The train was scheduled to leave at 6:20 am. I was awake, packed, and ready to leave at 5:45.... and decided to drive. I'm SO glad I did! I arrived at the parking garage at 6:15 (before the train was even scheduled to leave!), and there was a ton of parking!

I spent the next two hours wandering around, watching the 10k runners finish, using the bathroom many times to prevent a "my bladder is going to explode" repeat of my last race, and waking up.

At 8:15 am our corrals started moving toward the start line. I had my iPhone set to MapMyRun and Songza, and my new Soleus heart rate monitor/watch ready to go.

My first mile was great at around 9:30. Second mile also great. As usual, third mile I stopped to walk briefly. But I was bookin' it!

Official time.... 31:04!!! Two freakin' minutes faster than my last two 5ks! A 10 min/mile pace average for the whole race!

I skipped the post-race beer since the line was 200-people-long, and headed home on a natural post-race high. :) 

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