Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 29 1/2, Swimsuit shopping

Now that I'm officially signed up for lessons/coaching, I really don't want to do laps in my "I look cute on the beach as long as I don't move much" bikinis. So I googled "tall swimsuits" and got a list of sites from Walmart to Macy's. In the reasonable under-$80 category there was Athleta, Lands End, and a few random other sites. I've owned suits from both major sites, so I'm starting there.

At Lands End there were three suits. THREE. Total! I liked the Grecian one, but at $115, it was more than I want to spend right now.

At Athleta, they had six. Two were "one piece/dresses," so those were out. I liked the Shirrendipity One Piece, but I had scary visions of the back tie coming loose... and viola, me all to see! I decided on the Amrita 1-piece for now. Athleta has a great return policy if it doesn't end up working. I hope it fits because swimsuit shopping is cruel and unfair.

My sister reminded me of something else today... wetsuits. I'm going to ignore that until the last minute. ;)


  1. Go for the Speedo or Tyr Grab bags. Can't beat getting a $70 suit for <$30. Just a thought, I love mine, got 2 pretty patterns and a simple black one.

    1. Thanks D! Kate just explained how Speedo sizing works, so I'm going to stop at Dick's to try them on before ordering online. I love a bargain!

    2. You're welcome! When you try on, competition suits should feel tight when new, just not painfully so. Polyester last longer than lycra in the chlorine but its personal preference since poly isn't as stretchy. Happy shopping!!