Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 36, RICE :(

Yup. One run, and I'm in pain again. Dr Google has me thinking it's more a muscle or tendon pull. It hurts to stand, walk, or move. So rest, ice, elevation, and compression for now. No running for at least two weeks, maybe three. Luckily I'll be able to swim and bike while I'm recovering. But I'm thinking my distance running career is over before it's started. ;)

6:25 pm note: Damn, this hurts! I just can't get comfortable! Ice, ACE, pillow, grrrrr. Hot bath is next. I don't really want to take any medication. If I can have a baby without pain meds, I can handle a sore knee/shin/muscle/tendon thing.


  1. I understand the not wanting to take meds for pain, but Advil can hugely help here. Anti-inflammatory are good and will speed recovery. Big hugs! Seriously consider the compression tights we talked about when you get back to walking/running. Support for your knees, IT band and hammies good. :)

    1. Actually, NSAIDs slow the healing process. I've always beeb told its better to avoid them for muscle and tendon aches.

      I am planning on getting the compression capris shortly. Hopefully they help!