Saturday, August 25, 2012


Unofficial time according to my iPhone: 1 hour 5 minutes!

The swim was tolerable. It was so shallow the water was only up to my chest. A think a few people walked the swim, and I will admit to walking in and out as much as I could.

The bike portion was a piece of cake. Three loops. I was nearly knocked over at dismount though and when I caught myself my left calf cramped up terribly.

The run was absolute, utter torture. I walked most of it. About a third of the way into it I started speed walking with a another Wave 8 W30-39 woman who was running slowly. We kept each other company and stayed at a steady slow run/speed walk pace. At the 200 m to go mark she encouraged me to run ahead. I was trying to watch for her at the finish line, and I hope to see her again next year! She made the run enjoyable!

Now I want food and a hot tub!

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