Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 20, Birthday Movie

Today is my birthday.

In leu of the gym, I'm going to the movies with my husband to see "The Hunger Games." I'm going to have candy and popcorn. I'm not counting calories today. I'll be back to the gym tomorrow.

My birthday present, to be picked up in a few weeks, is a new hybrid bicycle. :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 19, Finally

I finally finished a full 5k/3.1mile run/jog!!!!

My first goal was reducing time on my 2.5k sprint. Done. Hit 1.55 miles in 17:36.

My second goal was to do 2 miles. Done in 23:19, also a bit faster then before.

Third goal: 3.1 miles/5k. DONE! I had to walk a minute here and there, but for my first 5k, I think my 36:58 time is respectable. My goal for June is to be around 32-34 minutes. ;)

I still have a lot to improve on! I can't wait to beat my times! :)

Still need to start swimming.... I've found one place that'll do private lessons and one that does semi-private. Time to check them out.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 18, Circuits

Another weekly Butt Kicking hour. :) Circuits this time.

I had a rough start this morning.... its more than halfway through Spring Break, and I'm really getting used to sleeping later. Instead of my usual 7:30 am wake-up, today was a "drag my butt out of bed" at 8:10. I didn't even have time to brew a pot of coffee before heading to the gym, so on our way I stopped at Starbucks for a Venti Skinny Quad Vanilla Latte. Lots of caffeine, not too bad in calories.

Bad idea.

Take note: do not chug a strong, sweet coffee right before working out.

About 30 minutes into the workout I was so nauseous. Every squat, every lunge, I felt the coffee going Slosh Slosh Slosh. Ugh. I tried running after the workout, and I last 5 minutes before it was either Stop or Puke. I stopped.

Anyhow, back the workout. Circuits. Meaning, no break between three exersices. 15 reps, 3 sets. I did three exercises for chest, three for back, and three for legs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 17, Day with Munchkins

Today was a rest day, and since all the kids are home on Spring Break (aka "Mom torture"), I decided to spend the day doing fun things with them. We started the day with some super exciting cleaning. :) I <gasp> made Kiddo #1 clean up his room and help pack away their clothes, while Kiddo #2 had to clean up the play room. I've been told I am the "meanest Mom ever."

To make up for my cruelness, we went out to lunch at Kiddo #2's favorite restaurant, On The Border. Its a Mexican chain that is 99% unhealthy. In my estimation, my lunch combo was about 7,000 calories. Plus another 3,000 for the guacamole appetizer and 10,000 for the margarita. Yes, I had a margarita at lunch. Its Spring Break with three kids!

After lunch all three munchkins rode their bikes in circles while I was on Car Watch. (Because, you know, speeding cars are NOT watching for kids on bikes.) When my husband came home he took the older two to the gym with him and I repaired the damage my kids have wrought cleaned up.

After all three were in bed, I enjoyed a beer. I figure, after the billion calories I had a lunch, what's a beer? I'm under my weekly total, and tomorrow i"m back the gym for another weight lifting session.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 16, And Faster

Today I challenged myself to do the 10k bike first, and see what I could run/walk afterwards. :)

I did the 6.2 mile bike in 23 minutes, shaving over 4 minutes off my previous time! Then I hopped to the treadmill and lasted about 5 minutes before the dreaded right side stitch attacked. Ouch!

I'm still very pleased with my increasing stamina and speeds. I think I may just focus on the running now, at least until I get my bike at the end of April. I'm not really worried about biking 10k. I AM still apprehensive about running 5k in June, so I think that'll be my focus the next few weeks.

Also, my brother-in-law may do the Sprint Triathlon too! We're looking for a place to take semi-private swimming lessons to better prepare us for the swimming portion. :)

Who knows... Maybe next year I'll be training for the Full Triathlon.... ;)

One last thing: I'm down another pound, and my legs are looking nice. :) I'm even bikini shopping this year.

Monday, March 26, 2012


A little off topic, but it's on my mind...

After older munchkins were born, I wanted a tattoo. I had a friend who knew a guy who ran a shop... yada yada... I got a lovely tat of the Celtic symbol of motherhood. I had picked the knot months prior, and the tattoo artist adapted it to exactly what I wanted. Its in shades of gray.

Damn it hurt. Large. Lower back. NOT a "tramp stamp" thank you very much.

After littlest [last] munchkin, I've had the urge for another tattoo. He was very sick as a baby, and his name means "Irish warrior." So I've been picturing a black and gray Celtic shamrock. Maybe a hint of green.

But where? I don't want to see it on a daily basis. I don't want others to see it on a daily basis. I don't want it to show at work or dressed up. I'm thinking upper right rib cage, right under my breast. Both tats will show in a bikini, and both would be hidden in clothes. Looking down I wouldn't see it; I'd need a mirror for both.


Day 15, Faster

I need to find a place for swimming lessons. :) I'm going to ROCK this sprint tri. Today's time was 1.75 mile in 20 mins (only walked 3.5 minutes!!) running between 5.5 and 6 mph, and 4 mile bike in 15 minutes at level 8.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 14, Outside

Today was my first outside run! Older munchkin got his bike out and we hit the side walks! After a mile, I hear, "Mom, my legs are getting tired." After 1.5 miles I hear, "Mom, my legs feel funny." When we got home, after doing approximately 1.7 miles (according to my mapping program), I hear, "Mom, I'm hungry." LOL! Me too, kiddo!

A friend told me that running outside would be harder than the treadmill. On one hand, it was because I couldn't continually monitor my speed, distance, and time. On the other hand, the cool breeze and my amazing 7 year old buddy made it TOTALLY worth it!

Back to the treadmill tomorrow!

Day 13, Post Lost!

I wrote a huge, long post about my search for a bike, and it's gone. :( I'm heading to work so I'll have to come back and fix it tomorrow. Sooooooo sad.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 12, Pleased

Even after only 5 hours of sleep, I still managed to get to the gym AND shave time off my running AND biking!

First, 2 miles mostly running at 5.4 mph in 23:58 (1.55 in 18 minutes, which is 1.5 minutes faster then last time!!).
Then I biked 3 miles at Level 8 in 12:05 (approximately 15.5 mph).

I discovered that I'm more focused, and faster, without my contacts. I am so blind, I couldn't see the people around me or the displays on the exercise machines. So I ran as long as I could rather then looking at the timer and thinking "Its been 5 minutes, time for a walking break..."

I ran for over 10 minute straight! Nearly a mile!

I feel great! My calves were sore in the beginning, but now they're fine.

And guess what? My butt is looking nicer too. ;)

Day 11, Weights

I may complain, but don't get me wrong: I love getting tortured working out with Max. He always changes my workouts so I never get bored. And seriously, would I really do walking lunges holding 60-70 lbs on my own? Not a chance.

This week's Butt Kicking Hour was similar to last week, but we did low weights immediately followed by heavier weights. For example, with leg curls I did 10 reps of 40 lbs, increased to 50 lbs, did 10 more, and then rested, for 3 sets. Leg curls, pliĆ© dead lifts, lunges , rows, chest press, and some sort of pull-downs for chest and back. I also did a little on the elliptical and a lot of stretching. My calves are still knotted up from Tuesday's run.

Disclaimer for Thursday posts.... they're always going to be a day late. My Thursdays start at 7:30 am and don't end until way after midnight. Its my least favorite day of the week.... even Mondays are better (especially since I never work on Mondays!).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 10, Sports Bra, part Two

Today was an off day and I'm dying of spring allergies. Best remedy? Shopping!!

With the memory of bouncing boobies still burned into my brain, I went sports bra shopping.

I discovered there are three kinds of sports bras generally made:
1. The colorful, cute, perky ones: "I'm only wearing this to LOOK like I work out. Now my girls match my outfit, gym shoes, and nails."
2. The padded push-up sports bras: "I'm here, they're up there.  You all had better notice me in this bra. And if you're lucky I'll be wearing even less on a beach someday."
3. Utilitarian strap-those- babies-down-flat: "nothing is going to budge during this work out." May need help getting out of it though.

I opted for bra #2 right now. Supportive yet not squashing. Gives form while also reduced bounce. I'll look like a perky woman and end up running about the same. Just because I'm working out doesn't mean I don't want to look like a woman while doing it.

My calves are killing me today. After my Butt Kicking hour tomorrow I'll do a short run or bike ride. Depends on how I feel.

Right now I'm tired. Good night!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 9, Almost!

I almost did 3.1 miles (5k) today!

That was my goal. Even if I had to walk at the end, I wanted to complete all 5k on the treadmill. I made it to 2.72 miles in 34 minutes, with just 1-2 minutes of walking interspersed here and there (mostly to drink water and skip a song on Pandora).  At 2.72 miles I got a stitch in my right side. (I haven't mentioned it before, but I had abdominal surgery in December to fix an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti, so I still baby my tummy.) So that was it for today. :)

I'm still happy! 2.72 miles on Day 9 is more than I could have ever imagined 9 days ago.

Now I'm going to enjoy a "taco" salad and a mini York Peppermint Patty. :D

If anyone has suggestions on how to prevent those irritating side stitches, please let me know!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 8, Proud

I am very proud of myself today.

I have proven that I will be able to complete the Super Sprint Triathlon. I ran 2 miles today in 25 minutes (only walked a total of 6 minutes)! My time for the 2.5k (1.55 miles) sprint distance was 19:32, which I'll definitely be able to improve on. Then I followed it with a 10 minute 2.47 mile bike ride.

So now I need to work on my upcoming 5k, which is only 3.2 miles. Easy peasy with 3 months still to go.

To top it off, I've lost two pounds and my clothes are looser. :)

How's that for a Happy Monday?!

Day 7, Exhaustsd

Belated post from Sunday. I started last night but was too tired to finish it....

I think all the extra exercise is catching up to me today. It's 7:50 pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. I think I'm going to get the kids to bed, have a bath, and go to bed.

Today was our 4th Annual Ladies Brunch and Theater! I love it! My mom, sister, sister-in-law, and I go for  the buffet and all-you-can-drink champange, followed by a live theater performance. We always have an amazing time, especially after 4 hours of neverending champange. :) This year was Gypsy, one of my favorite shows!

I put calorie counting on hold today. Its the one day a year I get to eat antying I want: ceviche, cheese blitzes, corn beef and cabbage, spicy breakfast potatoes, creme brule, chocolate covered strawberries, and the list goes on. All washed down with champagne, champange, and more chamgange. And I may have done a shot at intermission with my sister too.... ;)

Monday is going to be a great workout day.... I'll be pushing myself on the running this time. Goal #1 will be the 1.55 mile run that's in the Super Sprint, and Goal #2 is the 3.3 miles for the 5K. If my legs still work after that I'll aim for about 3 miles on the bike. Yay!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 6, Sports Bras

I learned another very important lesson today:

A good sports bra is an absolute requirement for running.

I'm not a big woman, but I think I have nice breasts. Even after three kids, they still point forward and fill out my clothes nicely. So when I went to the gym today in a light cotton bra instead of my usual plaster-the-girls-to-my-body sports bra, I was introduced to the uncomfortable sensation of bouncing.

I lasted 2 minutes. After two minutes of running I was sure my boobs were flying from my head to my knees and back with each step. And I swear every set of eyes were staring at my jiggling chest. With images of saggy boobs running through my head, I slowed my pace to a brisk 4.2 mph speed walk.

Feeling so sad about missing the opportunity to increase my running distance today, I decided to see how long I could make it on the bike. My initial goal was 3 miles. I wasn't dying, so I kept going. And going. And going.

I did the ENTIRE 6.2 miles (10K) bike ride that is required in the Super Sprint Triathlon!!!!! My time was 27:15, which I know I can improve on. :) But the important thing is that now I know I CAN DO IT!

Today's workout:
Walked 4.2 mph, completing 1.09 mile in 15 minutes
Biked at Level 6. 6.2 miles (10k) in 27:15. About 13.7 mph. :)
Later I did a leisurely 0.5 mile walk to and from the park with the kids.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 5, a Lesson

I learned a very important lesson today:

If I don't go to the gym first thing in the morning, then odds are I won't get there later.

I meant to go right after breakfast. Then I thought, "I don't want to go to Whole Foods a sweaty mess. I'll do my errands first and then go to the gym." So munchkin and I went to get groceries and then made an impromptu stop to look at bicycles (I will need one eventually!). By the time we got home, it was after 12, and the Kids Room closes at 1. :( It reopens at 4, but that's when the bus drops the older kids off at home.

I spent the following two hours following little munchkin on his tricycle while the older two rode their bikes around and around and around our cul-de-sac.

Then dinner, baths, reading, and getting the kids to beds. Now I'm enjoying a large glass of red wine.

On a positive note, I'm under my day's calories, and I've gotten a good amount of protein today. :)

Tomorrow's another day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4, an Hour of Butt-Kicking

I saw this on Facebook this morning, and while I'm not that bad now, it was sadly true for many other years of my life. I did go to the gym today. ;)

So today was my personal training day, otherwise known as Butt-Kicking day. Since I only see him once a week right now we have to make the most of my 60 minutes. I started with a quick warm up on the elliptical, followed by:

1. Shoulder/Chest press machine- 3 sets, reps doing down 15-12-10, weights increasing
2. Lat pull-downs, same as above
3. Bench chest presses- Real ones! 15 with the weight of the bar (45lbs), and the 12-10 with 50 lbs total
4. Dead lifts- 15-12-10-8 with 30 lb dumbbells (carrying total of 60 lbs)
5. Walking lunges 30-24-20-16 with 30 lb dumbbells
6. Lateral rows- 15 with 30 lb dumbbell and 12-10 with 35 lb dumbbell.

I had lunch with my sister yesterday (the one who is doing the Chicago Triathlon again) and we had a great conversation about dieting nutrition. She recommended I try the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to keep track of calories, protein, etc. Today I had an egg and sausage burrito for breakfast with my daily pot of coffee. Lunch was spicy tuna, salad, and a teeny tiny bit of ice cream. Dinner will be whatever I can scrounge up in the cafeteria at work, ideally meat and veggies.

Tomorrow is another day of running and biking!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 3, Ouch

Hello Readers! Today I feel like there are hot pokers stabbing my shins and hips great!

In honor of today's unseasonably gorgeous 79° day, little munchkin and I spent the morning at the park. Its not a run, but it was a good walk, and since we were the only ones there at 9 am, I played on the swings and slides just like a kid. Hey, I have to keep a really close eye on my two year old, right? ;)

I probably should also use this day off to sort and fold Mount Kilimanjaro (aka Laundry) and focus on my eating habits.

I'm not a bad eater, per say. I'm more of a lazy eater. With three kids and a part-time job, I eat whatever the kids don't eat or whatever is on hand. Cooking has not been a priority. Yesterday a trainer I see at the gym reminded me that with all this extra exercise also comes a responsibility to eat better, especially more protein. With that in mind, today I'm going to make a list, check it twice, and head to the grocery store. If anyone has suggestions for easy high protein meals, let me know!

Happy Pi Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2, Slightly Freaked Out

Um, ok. The reality of the 5k has set in. I'm in "OMG" phase. But I just keep telling myself, "It's only 3.3 miles, and I'm already at 1.36 with three and a half months to go."

Today's workout was good:
- 16 min alternating 2 min walking at 3.9 mph and 2 min running at 5.1 mph, plus a 3 min cool down, totaling 1.36 miles
- Bike 10 min, for 2.48 miles

Monday, March 12, 2012


Holy heck! I just signed for my first 5k!!! Even better? It's a Frickin' mud run obstacle course! June 30, 8:15 am. My first goal. I'm excited and freakin' terrified.

Day 1, Motivated

What a great Day 1!

The biggest challenge this morning was finding something to wear to the gym. I have a bunch of tops, but I have only 2 workout capris that fit, both of which were MIA. Or eaten by the dust bunnies that live under the bed.  I'm holding on to the hope that once I tackle the Mount Kilimanjaro of laundry, I'll find them. I ended finding some shorts that show off my sexy kneecaps.

Today I did:
~ 5 minute warm up on the elliptical machine
~ 1.10 miles in 15 minutes on the treadmill, alternating walking at 3.8 mph and running at 5 mph
~ 2.33 miles in 10 minutes on the stationary bike

To give you an idea of my previous running skills, the last time I ran was in November. A whole 0.3 miles. Go me! ;)

I feel pretty good right now. Tomorrow will probably be painful. ;)

For readers who aren't familiar with triathlons (and what lay person is?!), there are a few different options in terms of distances. In the Chicago Triathlon we have:
~ Fleet Feet Sports Super Sprint with a 375 meter swim, 10k bike, and 2.5k run (0.25 mile swim, 6.2 mile bike, 1.55 mile run),
~ regular Triathlon (0.75k swim, 22k bike, 5k run), and
~ International/Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run).

My goal is the Super Sprint, and if I'm exceeding the distances, then I'll consider doing the regular Triathlon with my sister. One step, one pedal, one lap at a time. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 0

Since tomorrow starts my journey from Mom of three to Triathlete, today is Day 0. Today I'll share why I'm doing this, and why a blog about it.

Simple answer: support. My wonderful husband is dubious. My sister is sure I can, when I'M not even sure I can. I'm a simple mom who gets to the gym once a week to lift weights. I'm blessed with good genes, but I can be classified as a "skinny fat person." I look good in clothes, but underneath I'm squishy and weak.

Just yesterday my husband and I had to speed walk 10 blocks to catch a train, and I got a stitch in my side. :( The last time I actually ran was November, and I could do a whole 0.3 miles.

The more people I can get to follow my journey, the more people who can hold me accountable for getting to the gym and pool, the better chance I have of not giving up. I also want to be a good roll model for my kids. I want to show them that physical activity, healthy eating, and yes, even a triathlon is possible.

Today is March 11, and the Chicago Triathlon is August 25-26. Goal #1 is the Super Sprint distances, and Goal #2 is the full Triathlon distances. 167 days.