Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 9, Almost!

I almost did 3.1 miles (5k) today!

That was my goal. Even if I had to walk at the end, I wanted to complete all 5k on the treadmill. I made it to 2.72 miles in 34 minutes, with just 1-2 minutes of walking interspersed here and there (mostly to drink water and skip a song on Pandora).  At 2.72 miles I got a stitch in my right side. (I haven't mentioned it before, but I had abdominal surgery in December to fix an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti, so I still baby my tummy.) So that was it for today. :)

I'm still happy! 2.72 miles on Day 9 is more than I could have ever imagined 9 days ago.

Now I'm going to enjoy a "taco" salad and a mini York Peppermint Patty. :D

If anyone has suggestions on how to prevent those irritating side stitches, please let me know!

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