Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 19, Finally

I finally finished a full 5k/3.1mile run/jog!!!!

My first goal was reducing time on my 2.5k sprint. Done. Hit 1.55 miles in 17:36.

My second goal was to do 2 miles. Done in 23:19, also a bit faster then before.

Third goal: 3.1 miles/5k. DONE! I had to walk a minute here and there, but for my first 5k, I think my 36:58 time is respectable. My goal for June is to be around 32-34 minutes. ;)

I still have a lot to improve on! I can't wait to beat my times! :)

Still need to start swimming.... I've found one place that'll do private lessons and one that does semi-private. Time to check them out.

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