Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 17, Day with Munchkins

Today was a rest day, and since all the kids are home on Spring Break (aka "Mom torture"), I decided to spend the day doing fun things with them. We started the day with some super exciting cleaning. :) I <gasp> made Kiddo #1 clean up his room and help pack away their clothes, while Kiddo #2 had to clean up the play room. I've been told I am the "meanest Mom ever."

To make up for my cruelness, we went out to lunch at Kiddo #2's favorite restaurant, On The Border. Its a Mexican chain that is 99% unhealthy. In my estimation, my lunch combo was about 7,000 calories. Plus another 3,000 for the guacamole appetizer and 10,000 for the margarita. Yes, I had a margarita at lunch. Its Spring Break with three kids!

After lunch all three munchkins rode their bikes in circles while I was on Car Watch. (Because, you know, speeding cars are NOT watching for kids on bikes.) When my husband came home he took the older two to the gym with him and I repaired the damage my kids have wrought cleaned up.

After all three were in bed, I enjoyed a beer. I figure, after the billion calories I had a lunch, what's a beer? I'm under my weekly total, and tomorrow i"m back the gym for another weight lifting session.

Have a great Wednesday!

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