Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4, an Hour of Butt-Kicking

I saw this on Facebook this morning, and while I'm not that bad now, it was sadly true for many other years of my life. I did go to the gym today. ;)

So today was my personal training day, otherwise known as Butt-Kicking day. Since I only see him once a week right now we have to make the most of my 60 minutes. I started with a quick warm up on the elliptical, followed by:

1. Shoulder/Chest press machine- 3 sets, reps doing down 15-12-10, weights increasing
2. Lat pull-downs, same as above
3. Bench chest presses- Real ones! 15 with the weight of the bar (45lbs), and the 12-10 with 50 lbs total
4. Dead lifts- 15-12-10-8 with 30 lb dumbbells (carrying total of 60 lbs)
5. Walking lunges 30-24-20-16 with 30 lb dumbbells
6. Lateral rows- 15 with 30 lb dumbbell and 12-10 with 35 lb dumbbell.

I had lunch with my sister yesterday (the one who is doing the Chicago Triathlon again) and we had a great conversation about dieting nutrition. She recommended I try the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to keep track of calories, protein, etc. Today I had an egg and sausage burrito for breakfast with my daily pot of coffee. Lunch was spicy tuna, salad, and a teeny tiny bit of ice cream. Dinner will be whatever I can scrounge up in the cafeteria at work, ideally meat and veggies.

Tomorrow is another day of running and biking!

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