Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 11, Weights

I may complain, but don't get me wrong: I love getting tortured working out with Max. He always changes my workouts so I never get bored. And seriously, would I really do walking lunges holding 60-70 lbs on my own? Not a chance.

This week's Butt Kicking Hour was similar to last week, but we did low weights immediately followed by heavier weights. For example, with leg curls I did 10 reps of 40 lbs, increased to 50 lbs, did 10 more, and then rested, for 3 sets. Leg curls, pli√© dead lifts, lunges , rows, chest press, and some sort of pull-downs for chest and back. I also did a little on the elliptical and a lot of stretching. My calves are still knotted up from Tuesday's run.

Disclaimer for Thursday posts.... they're always going to be a day late. My Thursdays start at 7:30 am and don't end until way after midnight. Its my least favorite day of the week.... even Mondays are better (especially since I never work on Mondays!).

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