Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 10, Sports Bra, part Two

Today was an off day and I'm dying of spring allergies. Best remedy? Shopping!!

With the memory of bouncing boobies still burned into my brain, I went sports bra shopping.

I discovered there are three kinds of sports bras generally made:
1. The colorful, cute, perky ones: "I'm only wearing this to LOOK like I work out. Now my girls match my outfit, gym shoes, and nails."
2. The padded push-up sports bras: "I'm here, they're up there.  You all had better notice me in this bra. And if you're lucky I'll be wearing even less on a beach someday."
3. Utilitarian strap-those- babies-down-flat: "nothing is going to budge during this work out." May need help getting out of it though.

I opted for bra #2 right now. Supportive yet not squashing. Gives form while also reduced bounce. I'll look like a perky woman and end up running about the same. Just because I'm working out doesn't mean I don't want to look like a woman while doing it.

My calves are killing me today. After my Butt Kicking hour tomorrow I'll do a short run or bike ride. Depends on how I feel.

Right now I'm tired. Good night!

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