Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 75, New Pool!

Thanks to a Living Social deal, I picked up a 6 week gym membership for $30, just because they have a pool and a Kids Room. It's farther then my regular gym (30 minutes vs 10 minutes) but I only need to swim twice a week or so. If I feel the desire, they also have a ton of classes and a running track.

I did Total Immersion swimming beginning drills and a few laps. At first the balance frills were hard- my legs tend to sink. I eventually skipped ahead a little bit to drills that have me swimming on my side with one arm extended and one down. That was easier, less sinking. I felt a little silly through practicing floating and always consulting my kindle for tips and drills. But I figure I didn't know anyone there so I shouldn't care what they think.

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