Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 58, The Treadmill

I'm gently testing the water. I got back in the treadmill today. :)

I decided to backtrack to the beginning. I alternated walking at 4 mph and jogging at 5.5 mph. 3 min walk/1 min jog, 2 min walk/2 min jog, 1 min walk/3 min jog, and repeat. I did 2 miles that way in 25:45. Not the best time, but it's a [gentle] start.

After that I did a quick 2 mile ~ 7 minute ~ Level 11 bike ride. And for the first time I can remember, I actually was dripping sweat onto the bike handles. (I cleaned them when I was done!)

That was this morning. Since then I worked a crazy busy 10.5 hour nursing shift, and I'm about to say goodnight after a 19 hour day. And guess what? I'm not having knee/shin pain!!!!

Only 1 month and 3 weeks left until the 5k!

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