Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 62, Swimming Lesson #4

Sorry readers, there was only a mild mutiny today. Mostly, because there wasn't much to mutiny against. Maybe the instructor reads my blog....

So the first thing I did when I arrived for my lesson was pull out my trusty iPhone and show the instructor the video of the ideal TI freestyle. He readily admitted to not being familiar with Total Immersion Swimming, and thought it was impressive. I told him *THAT* is my goal.

He had to set up the lanes for our lesson, so I worked on the TI Drill #1, just floating and finding my balance. Definitely harder than it sounded like in the book. My long, lean, muscled legs wanted to sink like cement. But I worked at it.  I was going to attempt Drill #2, but teenage instructor was back and encouraging me to try the bilaterally breathing again. Since it was MY idea to learn it last week, I figured now would be a good time to practice.

So I used the time to practice lateral and bilateral breathing. I'm learning that my comfortable breathing pattern is like Right Right Left Right Right Left.... In addition to the freestyle I also did a few laps of backstroke and breaststroke, practicing turning while changing strokes.

I'm not going to win a medal, but I won't need to be fished out at the Triathlon either. :)

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