Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 53, Lunges

Thursday workout day... lots of lower body. Drop sets, 15-12-10-8, increasing the weight each time. Leg curls, leg extensions, squats, and walking lunges. Lunges always are double (15 each side = 30 lunges). The only weight I noticed was my set of 8 leg extensions.... 90 lbs! Then some chest and back.

At home I did a couple hours of "chase littlest munchkin on his bike" and then a short bike ride with an older munchkin to the park.

I love having a bike! I was telling my husband tonight how much FASTER we get to the park by bike than by walking, and that older munchkin piped in, "Duh Mom! Its a bike!"

I will say that on the ride home I had to use the sidewalk, with it's billion bumps, and the ride felt smoother than the first time I road on it. My toosh must be adjusting. :-)

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