Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 70, Race Times

I've been looking over last year's Triathlon times in my group (F30-39) to see where I am now and where I need to be by August. Just looking at my workout list I'm about 27 minutes for the bike, 17 minutes for the run, and maybe 15-20 minutes for the swim. That puts me at 59-64 minutes, not including transitions.

My goal is to finish under an hour, which would put me in the middle of the pack. With three months still to train, I think its doable.

The best times were 43-46 minutes (with 16-19 mph bike rides!) and the end of the group finished around 1:07-1:20.

Today was also a RUN day. I'm getting back there... 2 miles run/walk in 25 minutes. With a cool-down I did 2.28 miles.

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