Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 55, Bilateral Breathing

Is harder than it sounds.

I figure since I'm learning how to swim the Freestyle, I might as well learn how to swim it breathing bilaterally.. Basically it means instead of turning my face to the right every time to breath, I alternate my breathing between both sides.  This link has some good info on it, plus videos. It'll help while swimming in open water (waves), and for keeping my eyes out for other swimmers on each side. Honestly, I thought I'd feel more out of breath having an extra stroke between breaths, but I actually felt calmer. Instead of inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale, its inhale-eexxhhaaaallee-inhale-exxhhaaaallee. Kind of like the Yoga breathing that Total Immersion Swimming talks about in the book.

The only problem I encountered today was turning my head to the left enough to not inhale water, while not actually lifting my head out of the water. I'd make it about half the length of the pool before getting a mouthful of water, resulting in a coughing fit. And repeat. LOL!

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