Monday, September 24, 2012

My new super blue Catsuit!

Has arrived! The fit is not quiet perfect, but it will definitely do nicely for the next 2-4 triathlons on the docket, and weekly summer swimming practices. I love the ankle zippers and the colors! It feels very sturdy too, like the Desoto I rented.

Still having sizing issues though. The first time I put in on these was extra fabric/air pockets at the crotch, chest, and under arms. I was afraid to really PULL and risk ripping it.

So after doing laundry, I tried it back on, this time using the plastic bag trick for my feet and hands. Much better! Once I got the legs pulled up to where they are supposed to go, the torso was higher up, getting rid if the underarm pockets, and the chest fit better. I'm sure it could be tighter, and only a few practice swims can check that.

Planning a swim Sunday morning. Water is a balmy 65°. :)

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