Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Go slow to go fast"

I recently asked Meredith of Swim Bike Mom for some tips on building my cardiovascular endurance. This is part if her reply:
"You want to work on building your aerobic "base" - meaning that you want to train in a low heart rate Zone to build your endurance. That may mean going very SLOW... but once you build your endurance you can go faster... Coach M says "go slow to go fast."

So today I tried it. Rather then my usual 'set the treadmill at 10 min/mile and go' approach, which often ends with me slowing to a walk after a mile, gasping for breath, I decided to go outside.

It's a gorgeous 60 degree day and all three kids were in school. There's an apartment complex a short walk away with sidewalks circling it. I stashed my water bottle by a tree, started up my MapMyRUN app, and off I went.

My mantra was Go Slow, Go Slow. First lap was 0.93 mile in 10:45. I stopped briefly to drink my water and stretch. [I also quickly texted my sister to tell her I ran 0.93 mile and DIDN'T feel like I was going to die.]

The second lap was actually EASIER. I had my SLOW pace going, easy peasey. Finished 1.88 miles in 21:48 at a calm 11:34 min/mile. I was a little out of breath, hot, and sweaty when I finished, but I didn't feel bad.

I felt good!

Day 1 of training done. 339 days to go. :)

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