Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mild Setback

As of today there are 340 days left until my next Chicago Triathlon. I had planned to start training again, but suffered a minor setback.

Last wednesday my youngest munchkin (2 years old) accidentally tossed a metal Thomas the Train at my head, slicing my right eyebrow open. Eh. No biggy. I had a plastic surgeon I know clean it and tape it closed with steri-strips.

That's when the fun started.

I went about my life with my two steri-strips. Gym. Work. Etc. The bruising was lovely, like fuchsia and purple eyeshadow from the 1980's.

Saturday morning I woke up with more swelling on my eyelid. Figured I slept on that side and all the fluid rushed to my eye. (Hey, I get puffy under my eyes most mornings.)

We drove to my brother's house for a local Wine Fest and family bonding.

Sunday morning I could barely open my eye.

We drove home, took one munchkin to tennis, and then I went to the ER. Four hours, two blood draws, and IV antibiotics later... I have cellulitis of the eyelid. Aka ,an infection.

On top of that, I can now add steri-strips to my list of allergies. For the rest of my life, "adhesive" is now listed as an allergy in my medical records.

Now I'm pumping myself full of antibiotics, antihistamines, and hanging out at home. The swelling is getting better but I still have the red cellulitis rash all over my eye area. AND the skin is pealing.

It's lovely... feels like the worst sunburn ever on top of a mass of spider bites.

Called in sick to work. Canceled the gym. Even skipped preschool yesterday.

So training will get put off another few days. I'll still have 335+ left. I am still doing the Zoo Fun Run on Sunday with a munchkin! Our race packets came in the mail and we're ready to go!

PS!!!!! My new wetsuit shipped and should arrive Monday! Yay!!

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