Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle...

Training for three 5k's and a triathlon... Got to get my patootie moving. :-)

Continuing with the "run slow to run fast" motto, today I did an hour of upper body weight lifting followed by a 1.9 mile run. Same slow 11:30 pace. My distance right now is two laps and not dieing. My goal before there's too much snow to run outdoors is 3 not-dieing laps. My spring goal is 4 laps 3.8 miles). Ideally, I'd love to run my bike lap course of 2.4 miles twice *comfortably* by next August. I won't need to run that far in the triathlon but it will help my endurance, and I'm training for endurance this year.

Endurance first. Speed second.

Which reminds me that I need a new bike course. I do about 7.3 miles in 3 laps, and it's boring going around and around and around the same circle. Especially since my August goal is 15-20 miles... That would be a LOT of laps!!

To do list: Find a local paved bike path at least 10 miles long. :)

Goal 2: Start running the longer Bike route (2.4 miles) for a challenging change of scenery.

Run slow to run fast.....
Only 330 days until the Super Sprint!

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