Monday, September 10, 2012

A little bit crazy

Unless something strange happens, I am now the proud owner of a wetsuit! Wow. I thought my sister was crazy when she bought hers last winter, and now I'm crazy too. Lol

It was a "fun" day of online shopping. I mean that very sarcastically. As I mentioned previously, I was watching a NWT wetsuit on eBay. After hours of internal debate, I decided to bid. I was very nervous about buying a size (men med long) I had never tried on. However, it was starting at $95, which is super cheap. I was the highest bidder until about 30 seconds before it ended. :(

I decided to go with Plan B... Order a Xterra Vortex on sale for $170, with a 30 day return policy. Pretty risk free. The challenge was the sizing. They have this nifty Size Calculator. When I enter female, 5'11"+, and 155 lbs, it says Men Medium. When I enter male, 6'1/2", and 155 lbs, it says Men Small Long. The PDF size chart also placed me in the Men Sm Long. I decided to speak to someone directly via Live Help.

The first person, "Lee", was no help at all. Lee said the length of the Sm Long and Med were the same, and the only difference between sizes was "how well I want to breath." Really?! Somehow "Casey" took over and was able to look up additional measurements, like bust, waist, and hips. He/She said my best fit would be a Men's Medium Tall.

Which has been discontinued and they're out.

Which was the size I lost on eBay.

Imagine my glee when another Medium Long was listed later today! Used twice (boo) but supposedly in perfect condition. For $100 'buy it now.' I asked the seller some questions, and now it's MINE!

Can't wait to see it!

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