Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Super Gym and 1000 Meters

I am trying out the Super Gym this week with a free 7-day pass. I like it so far. The littlest guy likes it A LOT. I had to finally pick him up and carry him out of the Kids Center. It has a two level jungle gym and computers with video games! If I was 3 I wouldn't want to leave either!

It's a little overwhelming. My former longterm gym had a 15 treadmills, a handful of elliptical machines, and 6 stationary bikes. This gym has like 100. Rows and rows and rows. Half have personal TVs on them! I'm pretty sure the cardio AREA of Super Gym is bigger than my entire old gym.

The place I'm training at right now has 3 treadmills. :)

The pools are the best part! I swam 1000 meters today. A thousand! That's 0.63 miles. That's almost triple what I had to do six months ago. That's more than the regular Sprint triathlon. And I have 6 months to go to train!

Best Valentine's Day ever. :-)

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