Monday, February 18, 2013

A surprise call!

I got a phone call from the Super Gym, earlier today, offering to extend my guest pass another week! She actually dated it to the 28th, so I'll have gotten nearly two and a half weeks free. :-) I am definitely signing up!

We started our day at Chuck E Cheese, where the kids spent 4 hours and 250 tokens having tons of fun! My sister joined us for lunch too.

After coming home for my gym bag, the kids and I headed to the Super Gym for a swim.

45 minutes and 1200 meters later (3/4 mile), I'm feeling great! I won't swim laps in a tankini again though- it gets all floaty and rides up. You laugh, but by 20 laps it was getting very annoying. ;-)

Google tells me that a mile is 1,600 meters... that is my next swimming goal.

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