Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Expedition: Swimming Pool


1 a: a journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose
2: efficient promptness : speed
3: a sending or setting forth
I like swimming. I grew up with a pool in the backyard. I hate swimming in front of people. I don't know if I'm a "pretty swimmer" or if I look like a drowning cat struggling against death. Swim caps, goggles, and utilitarian one piece swimsuits are not attractive or becoming on anyone bigger than a supermodel. If I had to pick between public speaking and public swimming, I'd rather give a speech.
However, one third of a triathlon is swimming, so practicing is a necessary evil. Not swimming just isn't an option if I want to do better this year. Last year's 375 meter swim was terrifying, challenging, and utterly exhausting, AND I still had to bike and run afterwards! I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't drown last year was because the water was only chest deep.
With only 6 months to go to this year's triathlon, it was time to make an expedition to the pool. I had to get past my fear. I stopped at the sporting good store for a new swimming cap in normal BLACK, since mine are neon green and dayglo yellow. The bright ones are good for open water swimming when I want to be seen, but way too bright for the pool.
Then I dropped the little munchkin off at the Kids Center and told them I'd be at the pool. I was committed!
The Super Gym has two indoor pools. One is 25 m long and 80°F; the other is 20 m and 87°. I stuck my foot in the first pool, and went straight to the second. 87° is my style. Plus, less people in it! Bonus! My goal was 350 meters.
I swam 800 meters. That's a half a mile! I took my time, resting a few seconds after each lap. I didn't check the clock, but I guess it took about 40 minutes. I'm very pleased with myself. :D

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