Thursday, February 7, 2013

Facebook vacation

I'm on a voluntary furlough from Facebook. I spend too much time there with my 250 "friends." I love being able to share our lives with friends and family, and seeing how they are.

But sometimes it seems like I'm ALWAYS checking Facebook. Anyone updated in the last 5 minutes?!?!

Since we're having 20 people for a party on Saturday, and I'm not the most dedicated of housekeepers, I figured if I took all my FB time and pit it towards cleaning and tidying, my house will sparkle on Saturday. :-) In reality I've just read more, played with the kids more, and worked more.

I still have "status update" thoughts pop into my head, but I'm glad I took this week off. Maybe once I re-activate my account I'll delete my iPhone app, which means I'll have to find our laptop when I want to see how all my Friends and doing.

FYI. I actually have a Mom2Triathlon FB page!! I haven't done anything to it yet, so wait and see.

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