Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm an official member!

I joined the Super Gym today, for real! After two weeks of free passes (Thank you, Emily!), I signed on the dotted line. I would have joined earlier, but I had to make sure the littlest munchkin was going to get into the Early Childhood preschool first. EC is free (public school) and he'll get speech therapy too! If he hadn't qualified I'd be paying for both privately, and a gym membership would have had to wait. So it was a good day. :-)

Double bonus, the "signup fee" I'd been quoted two weeks ago was waived due to a "end of the month" special. :-) Yay!!!

It's funny when I think of how much my perspective has changed. When we joined the Old Gym in 2006, I was leery of the cost. It was cheap per month, but had high joining fees. I figured we had to stay 2 years to make it worth it. We stayed until they closed their door a few months ago. I even got a personal trainer 2.5 years ago!

Six years later, I'm joining a place that costs 7 times as much per month, and not blinking. Six years ago I didn't exercise, I was younger, and didn't value my health as much. Now I work out 6 times a week because, aside from racing, I want to be healthy, and sharing that with my kids is very important. Super Gym has so many opportunities for the kids to be active and learn a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is a family thing now. :-)

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