Wednesday, August 22, 2012

T-3 days, Adjustments

Resting, resting, resting. I have mildly sore shins and calves from a short brick on Monday, which I hope heal by Saturday.

Making a few minor adjustments on my bike seat height. It was feeling too low so I moved it up quite a bit higher. Feels great pedaling, but not so steady getting on and off because my feet barely touch the ground. So later tonight I'll lower it a smidge and take another test ride in the parking lot.

I'm also heading to Sports Authority tomorrow morning to pick up a water bottle for my bike WITH a straw. I haven't mastered the bike and tip to drink yet, and water isn't offered during my bike portion. I'm a little worried about dehydration, so I'd rather have water and not use than need it and not it.

48 hours until I'm heading to Chicago to check in at the Expo!!!!

1 comment:

  1. If your feet are barely touching the ground while you are sitting, that sounds about right. The best way to stop is to NOT sit, but stand on one pedal while leaning the way you want to put your foot on the ground. Same thing when you start. Push pedal while standing, sit back, go.

    I would not worry about drinking on such a short ride. Drink in both transistions if you feel like you need. Camelback polar water bottles, you can "suck" which might be something you can look into. Plus they keep cold better.

    ROCK ON!!