Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Catsuit is here!

AKA, my wetsuit. Its black, shiny, skin tight, and made of rubber. The Catsuit.

I have a hard time finding clothes that fit in general; finding a wetsuit that fit well was a unique challenge. Women's wetsuits do not come in tall sizes, and Men's suits, which do have tall sizes, don't have much room in the chest for a woman's chest. So I went to, where they carry a multitude of brands and sizes. I sent them my stats, my shape, and my experience with other wetsuits. They recommended I try a DeSoto two piece suit so I could have different sizes on top and bottom, if needed. I received a size 4 and 5 top, and a size 4 bottom. The size 4's fit the best, but as usual the bottoms are short. :( Sometimes being 6" and slender is a pain in the patootie. (I can hear you all laughing as you wish for some of my inches... yes, woe is me.)\

I really do like the two piece design. Seems easier to get in and out of. The real test will be my open water practice....

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