Monday, January 7, 2013

No pain no gain...

Or sadomasochism?

As I've been hobbling around the house tonight after three tough leg workouts, it dawned in me that the pain had somehow morphed from "this sucks" to "this is great!" When the heck does that happen, and why the heck do I look forward to the next round of pain?? :)

No pain, no gain is a phrase I've been familiar with since childhood. I grew up on the Cathy comics as soon as I could read. I've suffered for beauty over the decades. Botox... Dozens of needles poking into your face in an effort to freeze the nerves and prevent wrinkles. Hair colors that sting the eyes abs burn the scalp. There was even the accidental chemical peel once- that hurt more than a dozen sunburns! Dieting. Waxing. Tweezing. Ouch!!

Two years ago I was lifting weights. I GOT the "no pain no gain" from that. I'd do my workouts twice a week, using the other 5 days to rest and recover. Then a year ago I added in *just enough* cardio to work my way up to a Super Sprint triathlon and a few [subpar] 5k's. It was challenging, for sure, but I always had enough recover time to make it tolerable.

Or perhaps I only gave 95%...

This year my mind is in a different place. This year it's 110%. "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."

Which translates into workouts 5 days a week. Sore, barely walking legs. Can't move arms. Fatigue. Hunger.

Hell yeah, bring it on! 2013 is a New, and better, Year!!!

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