Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 has SO many Fun and Exciting things planned! Races, triathlons, mud runs, and a few runs with my kids. We're also currently at Walt Disney World, and plan to travel to Las Vegas and the Wisconsin Dells this year. :)

When we get home I'll be kicking off my 2012 training. January, February, and March are dedicated to running and biking. Goal: 4 miles run and 15 miles biked without dieing. April brings my [indoor] pool membership, so April and May are dedicated to swimming. Goal: 1/2 mile without dieing. June and July are my "put it all together for triathlon training" months. Goal: not dieing when I put them all together. ;)

If I survive it all, my August Super Sprint Triathlon goal is 45 minutes, from last year's 63 minutes. It's not "placing time" but it's a very respectable time. :D And totally doable.

"The will to win means nothing with the will to prepare."

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