Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Triathlon Kick Off Event!

It was another super fun event! This was the 2nd Annual event, and it'll be an annual event for us too!

In contrast to last year's 90°, today was a high of 72°. PERFECT for the Wetsuit Dash! The water in Lake Michigan was 62°... I anticipated being cold and uncomfortable, but once my feet and face adjusted to the cold it was quite pleasant.

I LOVE my ProMotion wetsuit! This was its inaugural swim, and not only did it do its wetsuit duty, it fit perfectly. Thank you! I never ever would have thought I'd get a suit fit for ME at an "off the rack" price. :D

Anyhoooooo, the run was fun. I tried really hard to keep pace with my sister, and thanks to a red light, we were not the last to show up at the beach.

The beach was not kind. Very choppy water today. My sister did the 1 mile group swim while I did the OWS Clinic again. It was nice NOT being the newby and working on OWS drills, but in hindsight, I wish I had done the 1/2 mile group swim. I need the OWS practice more than anything. Plus, fighting the waves is quite a workout!

Only 71 days left!

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  1. awesome! congrats! i need to ck out promotion I am in need of a new one!