Monday, December 3, 2012

My Circus Act

If I ever joined the circus I'd have a balancing act or juggle. It can't be any harder than the balancing and juggling I do every day as a wife, mom, nurse, and athlete-in-training.

Take today for instance... I worked last night so I got to bed about 2 am. The alarm went off at 7:30 am, although I could hear the kids up already. After the older kids get on the bus and I take the youngest to preschool, I have about two hours all to myself before picking the preschooler up.

Now the conundrum: run, nap, fold the mountain of laundry, or catch up on cleaning?

In the end I went for a run, laid on the couch for 15 minutes while catching up on the news, then used my last free 10 minutes to wrap a few Christmas presents. All while consuming copious amounts of coffee to counteract the lack of sleep.

I folded the hundred baskets of laundry with my toddler's "help." It took at least twice as long with "help" than usual. :-)

As for the basement? Well, it's nice outside. We're going outside to play. The basement isn't going anywhere.

Balance means letting somethings go until a better time, and focusing on the most important things.

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