Thursday, June 26, 2014

Will race for beer!

I had a funny conversation with another triathlete on Tuesday night.

Her: Did you have a good race [at Esprit de She]?
Me: It was great! I took off a half an hour from last year!
Her: Awesome! ...
[insert small talk]
Me: ... I was a little disappointed that there was no beer or wine though. 
Her: [stunned silence] What? I've never seen alcohol at a race....
Me: There was a picture on the website... 
Her: [still looking at me like I had two heads]
Me: I've only done Lifetime tris before, but they have an athlete beer tent! 

End conversation. 

Just to make sure I wasn't crazy or dreaming it, I doubled checked....

Yeah, that's wine....

Ok, not just wishful thinking. That grapefruit drink looks soooooo good! 

We ended up going to two breweries in the area and had a fantastic time sampling different beers.  

However, I will admit that seeing this in the email for my next triathlon makes me very happy: 

You can find me there after I finish running! I'll be stinky, wet, sweaty, glowing with pride, and surrounded by other like-minded triathletes celebrating our achievements!!


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